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Birthdate:Sep 30
Location:Iowa, United States of America
Website:OOC Entry for planning
This journal is operated by [personal profile] den_is_azysapphy for entertainment purposes only. This journal is not operated in the standard RP journal format. Instead, each entry will consist of the specific character's interactions with other characters in other RP communities, which will be archived as a linkback. There are AUs, OCs, Canons, and the like scattered throughout. If you don't like how I play, or if you notice an error in a post, being polite and courteous to me is a way better strategy than flaming me.

[personal profile] den_is_azysapphy does not own Transformers, Kingdom Hearts, World of Warcraft (though I do have an account in that game...), or any other known and/or named series/persons that may appear with representation here. I'm not making any profit on this, nor would I want to. This is solely for the entertainment of myself and others, and to get the headspace muses to shut up and quit poking me with sporks.

Information about the one race I do have legal rights to as the creator is here.

The reason this journal should be viewed with discretion: Occasional descriptions of things (mostly violence and possible gore) best rated as "R" or higher using movie standards from the early 2000s. Also, some cross-dressing.

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