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Den ([personal profile] dens_extra_pups) wrote2010-08-14 01:42 am

The LOL camera

This seemingly harmless camera gives one of the following effects to anyone who is brave enough to approach it (All effects selected by the dice... This list may or may not be added to at a later point) :

1: Picture develops, showing a younger version of the pup. Pup is instanty reverted to that age physically. Exact age and mental effects are up to the mun.
2: Picture develops normally, nothing happens to the pup, and they have a free polaroid picture to take home.
3: Picture develops, showing an older version of the pup. Pup is instantly aged to the age shown. Exact age and mental effects up to the mun.
4: Overexposed picture. Pup becomes invisible, except to those who can detect heat signatures or similar.
5: Picture develops, showing the pup as the opposite gender, because it's not a LOL till someone gets gender-swapped.
6: Picture develops, showing the pup with a case of red-eye. The pup will find themselves sharing headspace with a demon... only this demon, instead of your typical 'evil' demon... seems to be a bit bored, and wanted out of the camera for a bit of sight-seeing.

All effects last for approximately four days, unless something effects the LOL'd pup.

First Appearance
Second Appearance