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The Autobots and Decepticons of the Helter-Skelter reality. They know about the Multiverse, but most choose not to visit the Nexii...

Desinex's Bio, Eclipse's bio, Lumen's bio, Showtime's Bio, WakeJumper's bio Eclipse's old LJ, WakeJumper's old LJ, Showtime's old LJ, Desinex's old LJ


Desinex found herself in a nexus, confronted by a ghost
Showtime's Dressing room Debut
WakeJumper slept on a DecepticatDreadnought
Showtime got her fortune read
Bluestreak in the Dressing Room
Chromia answered "What would you do if you had one week to live?"
Pranks and match-making
Match-making and Sparklets
Clarion and Ratchet take a step forward...
Eclipse, Sweep, and Lumen met an alternate Wheeljack
Sunny, Sides, and Show met an alternate Sideswipe, her bondmate, and their son
Lumen got a protoform upgrade and Clarion and Ratchet took another step forward
Sunstreaker and Sideswipe talk toys
Desinex rescued Airwolf and Hound, and became a bonded femme
Showtime and Sunhalo visit dvJazz
Sunhalo and Dion made wishes
Airwolf is recovering, and Kia and Perceptor are expecting!
Aria's birth, and Ratchet and Clarion became word-mates, and the next day, news from Keepsake's reality shocked the base, and Ratchet had a surprise of his own
Preparing for new things...
Skywarp's family grew, before WakeJumper got slagged
Thundercracker and Keepsake spent some time together
Eclipse helped some younger alternates of herself and Keepsake, and then "rescued" dv Keepsake from a cuddly Seeker
Perceptor learned about Ratchet's and Clarion's newspark
Denver and Dion kept scattersverse Skydive and Fireflight company till they were rescued
Eclipse, WJ, and family returned home at Diehard's request, before someone unexpected showed up
Sunstreaker, Showtime, and Sideswipe reported to dv for guard duty
Eclipse and WJ rescued dv Keepsake and brought her home
Someone important to Showtime was brought back by dv Perceptor
Perceptor and Aria in the Nexus
More changes in the lineup, and Ridgeback's birth
News of the Fallen
Over in dv, something unfortunate happened... and dvJazz suggested something to help the parties involved, which happened later that night
Starscream had a sparklet and Showtime had a break down
Wisp's arrival
Bumblebee got LOL'd
Mira's memorial service, and later, matters concerning Starscream's team
Starscream and Skyfire take a bit of a break, while Showtime answered a question in the Nexus
Ratchet met Rachel Ruteger
Thundercracker went to deliver a message
Sunstreaker, Showtime, and Sideswipe got LOL'd,and the resulting chaos
Lumen met Jareth in the Nexus
Jetfire and Skyfire are brothers?!
Thundercracker snarked at DreadnoughtOverkill
Soundwave and Thundercracker courted the femmes they love
Thundercracker was LOL'd, and then his LOL was reversed
Lumen bought pickle-flavored cookies
Ratchet helped Hormah and talked to Mira
Shockwave met Fangfire
bittySides escaped to dv
Sunstreaker and family met a Jazz and 'Bee with triplets
Eclipse, WakeJumper, and Keepsake met an alternate Wheeljack and his WakeJumper
Waltz's mother visited, and a few days later, arrived to stay
Columba's arrival
A surprising discovery
WakeJumper met Pink and Scattor
The original Starscream returned, Bluestreak's secret was out, Denver took the Sparklets to see the Christmas Elf, and everyone recieved Christmas gifts of some sort
WakeJumper asked for advice on how to handle the situation back home, while Keepsake and Thundercracker brought their creation online
WakeJumper met a version of Eclipse and Starscream
Surprise for Bumblebee
Sideswipe and Columba word-bonded, and a few days later, Sideburn, X-Brawn, and Hot Shot were born
Starscream and Skyfire bonded
Optimus, Elita, and Showtime played an MMORPG
Waltz met Kriti
WJ and Ratchet helped in a new sibling reality
BV Fight
Ratchet and Lumen in the Nexus
Showtime and Sunstreaker met alts of some of their family members
Shockwave and Fangfire bonded
At some point around Christmas, WakeJumper fixed a couple of mechs in the Nexus
Babies, tornados, and bonds
Eclipse went to the Nexus
Air Raid and Denver woke up
Jetfire moved in with Blackout
Fangfire and Shockwave's offspring
Jetfire had the clock turned back...
Lumen lost a hand of poker and got LOL'd human
WakeJumper in the Nexus
Ironhide and Carina met d2mvIronhide and Diamante
Starscream and Ophelia became sisters
Carina spent time in the Nexus with Diamante and jvNova
WakeJumper got ganked to a different reality, While things happened at home
Valentine's Day stuffs, and miracles
WakeJumper returned and Tracks found a friend for life
Back to Baker Street
Easter happenings, and more Easter happenings
Garnet, and Sideswipe and Columba finally bonded, Skywarp met some of his alts and went to shoot stuff, Baker Street happenings and Karen's passing
Sunstreaker visited Mira
Suddenly, a new Trine
Tracks had a breakdown, and there were new arrivals from Japan
The next morning, surprises abound, and trouble
Lumen's back to normal, and word bonded to Sunhalo
Tracks is recovering
These two didn't call...
Chromia, Showtime, and Sunstreaker helped lostIronhide and family
Remembered and Forgotten
Hurricane cleanup
Shockwave repaired a shell, and Ratchet helped repair mvWheeljack

Individual threads (To be sorted out, and placed accordingly, at a later date)

Showtime (Rest of her threads are in the above section, and everything will be integrated at some point)

Showtime in the dressing room again and talked to a weird mech from another reality
Showtime talked to a human named Kelly about the multiverse
Showtime talked to commented on Bonecrusher's singing
Showtime met Tigatron
Showtime met a Starscream
Showtime got turned into a human,met someone kind of familiar, and returned home
Trouble at the base
Showtime in the Sign Nexus
Showtime met SG Megatron
Sideswipe was injured, and Showtime and Sunstreaker's bond was discovered
Showtime, Sideswipe, and Sunstreaker pester an alternate Wheeljack, and a SG Starscream

Eclipse (rest of her threads are in the "EVERYONE" section, and the mun promises, this mess WILL get sorted out)
Eclipse in the dressing room
Another invention exploded
Eclipse talked to Jackie
Eclipse talked to a Mikaela
Eclipse met tgPerceptor and Kia, and dvKeepsake
Eclipse went clubbing with WakeJumper, the Aerialbots, and Jazz
Eclipse and WakeJumper found out about Lumen
Lumen has arrived
WakeJumper and family in the Sign Nexus
WakeJumper and family meet the ntb-verse 'Bots
Eclipse's family played in the snow with Keepsake and the Dinobots

Desinex (rest of her threads are in the "EVERYONE" section, and the mun will sort this out at some point!)

She ran into Jabez again and a strange Decepticon from a different reality
Met an Ironhide while looking for Showtime
woke up in the Autobot base after getting overcharged.
A few weeks later, changes are happening...
Got fragged up by Sunstreaker
Initial Plans
An unexpected find
Plans coming together
Looking for Dreadnought
Meet and Greet
Got dragged off to play in the snow
Sunhalo's first sounds Sunhalo's first words, Then Draco was born
Sunhalo met Perceptor and Kia, and Deluge
Got LOL'd
Returned home after getting LOL'd
spent time with Dreadnought
Sideswipe was injured
My LOL ended, and I got tranq'd.
Got LOL'd again...
Got helped by Liedherz and Scattor
Answered a question about crimes

Ratchet (rest of his threads are in the "EVERYONE" section, and the mun will get this sorted out eventually!)
Ratchet assisted Perceptor with Kia
Ratchet wound up in a strange place, and watched alternates of Jazz and Bumblebee dance
Ratchet helped bring Draco into the world

WakeJumper (rest of his threads are in the "EVERYONE" section, the mun will sort this all out eventually!)

Ran into Dreadnought again
Saw a little Dinobot
Helped a chibified Starscream
Helped a scared Seeker
Got Rod-rolled
Talked to Kelly
Talked to Tigatron
Wound up in the dressing room again
Woke up as a human with a slight case of amnesia
Found my way to the dressing room, met someone I knew, and talked to Kelly again
(Later in the thread) Got returned to normal, (later in the thread)and returned home
Went clubbing with Jazz, Eclipse, the Aerialbots, and the SnS team
Found out about Lumen, and proceeded to freak out
Lumen's birth
Saw "Santa"
Hanging out in the Nexus
Played in the snow with my family
Lumen got absconded with by a dragon-femme
Helped Ratchet bring Draco into the world
Watched Sunhalo bap Ratchet
I thought Perceptor was supposed to be smart...
Visited Keepsake and Wheeljack, before helping my chibified brother
Sideswipe nearly went out
Got LOL'd...I think...