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Scattershot & Co.

Torque: Hammock + Torque =/= OTP by [ profile] sister_dear, MUD! :D by [ profile] sister_dear

Viisaus Prime: Datapad in hand by [ profile] ssjmihoshi, Talking with Fixer by [ profile] ssjmihoshi

Scattershot, Desinex, and Showtime had differing viewpoints
Showtime got absconded with, before meeting Mistfire
The next day, Showtime got a lead, and a few days later, almost got slagged, but was rescued and repaired
In which Sunstreaker and Sideswipe run afoul of fragged-off mechs
Sunny and Sides fragged off the wrong mechs again...
Showtime left Earth
Dorking around
Calix helped someone who was hurt badly
Rundown and Torque Minor met Calix
Calix asked a question
Blurr is identified, and repairs begin
Blurr's repairs were completed
Calix and Blurr met ntbBee and Kriti
Rundown met Chromia, Firestar, and Moonracer
Calix and Blurr in the Nexus
A quiet moment for Calix and Blurr
Calix and Blurr wound up with a sparklet, before reuniting with the Optimus of their home reality
Battle at Station Tau, and the aftermath
Viisaus Prime and Fixer repaired a Decepticon femme
Optimus met Myrrh
Another 'Con attack on Station Tau, And more aftermath
A few days later, there was home-brew, and Moonracer learned more about Torque Minor
Everyone got LOL'd human
Blurr, Calix, and Shia met Fireflight and Moonracer
Moonracer, Chromia, and Hound came to Earth to locate the rest of their team
Sentinel Prime and Jazz tasted the home brew
Meeting First Aid
Sharpshot and Calix were re-united
Sharpshot and Torque Minor returned to Tau
Hello, Blaster! Plus, the aftermath
Sunhalo's arrival at Tau
Blaster got a new look
Changes are happening
Hound and Viisaus Prime visit the Council, before Fixer got repaired
Omega Supreme and Arcee arrived on Earth
WakeJumper's growing pains and Mistfire's bold move...
Rise of the Aerialbots
A legend dies...
Firestar and Inferno break the news to Mistfire and co.
First Aid and Optimus get to know one another better
Silverbolt woke up
And the next day, Skydive woke up as well
Sharpshot is carrying a newspark
Air Raid showed up
Optimus met Koko
Optimus found his creator after a trip to the Crystal Gardens
Sentinel did something that upset Optimus
A few days later, Optimus and the Aerialbots went to the Nexus, and brought home more cookies
Everyone tried to adjust to a new routine...with limited success
Bluestreak met Pink Squad, While Keepsake and Eclipse met an alternate Eclipse
Peace or springtime?
Sideswipe and Nightwish got LOLd, and the aftermath
Ridgeback was born early!
Aerialbot hijinks involving PINpoints
Pink Squad met Ironfist Prime
An alternate of a very-missed friend appears... and later that night, Sideswipe and Nightwish talk
The next day, Skywarp arrived
Some of the 'bots learned what a predator needs to survive
Two couples became bonded pairs
A few days later, Meltdown caused chaos, and Stiletto was changed
The next day, Bulkhead stopped by for a visit
Every Transformer in Detroit got turned human
Cuddly feelings...
Winding down at the end of the day
Sideswipe got LOL'd again, and Sentinel is after Optimus...
Strange happenings... and more strangeness still...
The next day
bv First Aid and sv First Aid switched places
Kendell's birth and her family's return to their reality of origin
Stiletto helped decorate a tree in the Nexus, and back home, before a snow storm hit
Sting Finale
Eclipse learned about Christmas
Returning friends
Torque Minor and Moonracer found out what Starburst really is
Clearing up confusion
Stiletto brought Mudflap and Runabout to the Nexus
Downrush wanted to court Slingshot
Weirdness in the Nexus, back home, and answers
Pink Squad got yanked out of the reality
Mirrored reality
Sitting in the sunshine
Ratchet and WakeJumper helped an alternate to Optimus, before stuff back home had them coming back
Another attack on Tau hits closer to home than Fixer would like
Ratchet had an interesting day
Showtime learned a little about Ratchet while he was away
Assiting in another reality part 1 and part 2
New Arrivals
Scatters lost at poker
Chaos in T Minor 1, 2
Cragbuster's homebrew...
Calypso's wench
Ratchet learned more about his son
Important Visitors, and Optimus got upgraded
Tracks' original personality returned during a trying time
Scattershot and Mistfire met mgMistfire
Saelen woke up and was brought to the garage
Stuff that's happened
Shockwave showed up at the plant. Prowl got him.
Optimus helped bring an early Christmas dinner to mgv
Perceptor found Red Alert, and then there were more sparklets
Athena got a doll, and Ratchet helped an alternate in a very different reality
Another trip for Ratchet, and Cragbuster's second chance, The next morning, Optimus sat at the Prime Table