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Kriti & Co.

This Desinex and Showtime came from a G1-reality...

Desinex's adventures:
Desinex met Threnody
Desinex and the others made plans regarding Showtime, before those plans went arwy
Desinex and Showtime in the Nexus
The End?

Showtime's Adventures:
Showtime met an alternate Rumble and Laserbeak, before going with them to have a cerebro shell removed, and talking to Threnody
Reunited with Desinex, and made a mech freak out
Hung out with Desinex in the Nexus
The End?

Kriti's story:
Kriti's bio

Kriti started life...more on accident than anything. During an ambush by the Decepticons in one reality, the Autobot Desinex, and the Neutral Showtime were cornered by Megatron. They should have died. Instead, parts of their two frames, as well as their sparks, fused and became the protoform for a little sparklet. She wound up in the Nexus, and from here, her story begins.

Met Jazz and 'Bee
Peek into the past
Friends found
Waltz-sissy is sick :(
Met a mech with cookies
Growing Pains
Waltz-Sissy's sparklet vanished... D:
Operation: Waltz Snuggles!
Saw another Showtime!
First day in a new home
Made a new friend!
Another growth spurt
Playdate with Swoop
Elita-One came to visit
Staying with Dreadnought and Jazz
Perceptor will be home soon! Yay!
Caught a virus
Dreadnought's gone...T_T
Aunty Show, Uncle Sides, and Uncle Sunny came to help
Good and bad news...
A quiet day
Went to Aunty Show's sparklet's memorial
Ratchet came to visit, then Jazz showed up!
Eclipse and Starscream visited!
Aunty's sparklets were born! Yay!
Waltz-Sissy is here now!
Went to visit the 'bots back home
Wasn't feeling so good for awhile...
Played with Bumble
Rap's back! :D
Stayed at Autobot City while Mama, Papa, PapaJazz and Blackie were out of town
Sureshot visited! :D
Christmas Elf!
Felt yucky for a bit
Papa got hurt
MamaBee and Honey are okay!
Bumble's glitchmouse had babies!

The Autobots and Decepticons of Kriti's home reality after Kriti's birth...

Hound, Tracks, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, and Cliffjumper investigate one Nexus while Trailbreaker, Ratchet, Perceptor and Wheeljack scoured another Nexus for clues before Optimus and Bumblebee met Kriti as well
Preparing for Kriti's arrival
Elita-One visited Kriti

-Time Shift-

Times changed, people changed, hope continued on
After seven years, Ratchet visited Kriti, as did Jazz
Eclipse, Starscream, and Prowl met Rocket and Sonar, and later, a version of WakeJumper with lots of parts showing
Eclipse and Starscream visited Kriti, and later, dvJazz visited the Ark
After Starscream took an unexpected trip to the Nexus
Kriti stopped by for a visit
Starscream had a major growth spurt
Eclipse and Starscream hung out with Recon and Hayden in the Nexus
Fixer and Viisaus arrived
Fixer and Ratchet became an item
Jazz met Kriti's brother, Rap
Kriti and bittyBee stayed for a visit while there was trouble in bittyBee's reality
Babies, and a change in command...
Christmas Elf! And Jazz Prime got combat-kissed
A Senator visited
A tragedy happened...
Ratchet made a housecall in the Nexus
Shenanigans with road signs