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Den ([personal profile] dens_extra_pups) wrote2011-03-10 08:49 pm

Den's Adventures

Den is an average, run-of-the-mill human woman from a reality where a lot of the beings in the Nexii are simply fictional characters. She tends to be way too hyper for her own good sometimes, but she means well, even if she comes across as an airhead. Despite her apparent ditzy nature, she's smart, to the point of surprising people. One of her biggest pet peeves is people who are disrespectful of others, and she won't hesitate to try to make the person being disrespectful look like a fool. She can usually be found at [ profile] azysapphy or [ profile] plstc_menagerie, and is notorious for being really, really random.

A Bracelet of Featherfall that she got out of the Vending Machine

Talked about pet peeves
Talked to TFA 'Bots
Spiders = ICKY
Talked to a guy who had spiked egg nog(which was really good, btw!)
Talked to a Skywarp with a Bitty-Scream
Debute Properly this time
Talked to someone who got gender-switched about shoes, of all things 
got LOL'd
Talked about scams
Answered a question about gifts for an Ipod 
Talked to a Christmas Elf
Talked about baking just before my LOL ended 
Snarked at a creepy mech 
Answered a question about love 
 Asked for peoples' opinions on the CaramellDansen
Scritched Gailan Beast
Talked about the Super Bowl
Offered up books for free
Met an Autobot!Blitzwing! Yay!
Answered a question about waking up in a weird place
Got poked by TFA-style mechs >.< Not fun!
How do I indulge?
Asked about work-related stuff  
Got LOL'd again, or rather, had a LOL reset...>.<
What made me who I am today?
Offered advice regarding energy cloud people and vengeance
Answered a question about wanting to be a machine
Talked to Delirium
Gave some advice and then sang in the Nexus
How do I find stuff to ask about?
LED Sheep!
Blooping PINs!
Vending machine gave me a SHINY!!!*GLEE
Gave advice about the Nexus
Talked about ghosts with a Ghostbuster
Answered a question about changing the world
Had a drink with J
Made plans to attend a party
Went to the party
Talked about guilty pleasures
What really hurts my feelings?
Talked about cures for insomnia
Talked to a mech selling gems
Selling Scarves and Afghans
Gave Delirium a gift
Gave job advice
Talked about tangents
What is my biggest flaw?
Gave advice to someone about harrassment at work
Why do youngsters find stupid stuff amusing?
Gave my opinion about narrow-minded people
Talked about my favorite memory of my mom
What's the nicest thing I've given to someone who knows how to tick me off?
What's my definition of insanity?
Talked to a Q about another Q...I think...
Talked about...womanly issues
Gave cooking advice
Gave advice for dealing with a hot-headed friend
Aliens and weird gifts?
Answered a question about what I thought were important times in human history
My favorite memory
School-related question and comfy recliners
Barroom brawl
Fixing lights on a tree!
How to freak your parents out

LOLs and making them
A question of identity
After an absense, asked about revenge, and fruit, and talked tattoos
If I could tell my past self anything, what would I tell her?
After a long absense, asked for advice about school
Coffee or Tea, and how do I take it?
Talked to Jay and Talked to a boat
Tried not to laugh at Dennis after he got LOL'd female, and saw three LOL'd demon kids, after we ran into another LOL'd person
Learning experiences and business meetings
Hiding a part of myself to appear as others expect me to appear...
New Arrivals at the factory Lunchtime antics Special Order
Situation at the factory
Visitors at the factory Asked a question in the Nexus